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Stanford Econ 149,  Management practices and the modern firm (Undergrad) 

The course examines topics around the organization and management of the modern firm. It starts with an evaluation of the management research literature, then focuses on topics around monitoring and incentives, management in schools and hospitals, decentralization, globalization, developing countries and productivity. Classes have a mix of lectures, cases and discussions of research papers.

Syllabus 149

Stanford Econ 247, Labor Topics (PhD)

The lectures focused on non-structural applied micro. There are three themes in the course: workers and labor markets, firms and goods markets and non-market interactions (spillovers, unions, peer-effects etc). Each class is built around one main discussion paper (presented by a student) and then some overview of other papers in the literature presented by me. The focus is on current research areas for students thinking about PhD topics, rather than a comprehensive span of the literature.

Syllabus 247

Stanford GSB 591, Management Practices, (MBA)

This course focuses on research and results from recent management practice research, based in particular on work carried out by a Harvard, LSE, Stanford and McKinsey project. Lectures focus on key research findings, monitoring and incentive management, management practices in schools and hospitals, management in developing countries, decentralization and finally inequality. Classes have a mix of lectures, case-studies, visitors and business games.

Syllabus 591